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Joel Lee Sherman
Mentoring Achievement Project, Inc.

Joel Lee Sherman practiced law throughout the State of Florida from 2003 to 2009 as a private criminal defense attorney and worked closely with correctional institutions and not for profit agencies to assist the men and women he represented. In June 2010 Mr. Sherman formed the Mentoring Achievement Project, Inc. with Nancy Morais as his business partner. Their combined 28 years working with men and women in the field of transition and re-entry offer their Members a unique opportunity to work with skilled practitioners who understand the challenges of starting a new life once leaving a correctional institution.

The MENTORING ACHIEVEMENT PROJECT, Inc. is a Florida 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation working to assist disenfranchised persons to transition back into society in communities throughout Florida. Your tax deductible contribution will help us mentor these individuals ensuring they have the resources needed to become successful, self-sufficient, tax paying citizens. Once in our program these men/women are Mentored with goals for one year placing them on a positive path toward success in their lives. Our one of a kind program is designed to help all that need and want help. Over the past twenty years we have operated this and similar programs assisting thousands of men/women to get on and stay on the right path, obtaining gainful employment, reconnecting with their families, and becoming successful members of their community. In sum this lowers the percentage of those returning to jail/prison (by possibly committing a violent act); additionally these men/women commence working which increases our state/national tax revenue which is desperately needed at this time.

The Mentoring Achievement Project has already helped thousands through various organizations with the help of a network of charitable groups and individuals. We provide services related to: Housing, Transportation, Employment, Clothing, Mentoring, Mental Health/Counseling Referrals, and Social Services Assistance.

Mr. Sherman is a native of Tampa and he graduated from Saint Leo College (now University) and he received his law degree at the Columbus School of Law at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.